Speak Up Indonesia

Drug addiction is a massive problem in Indonesia. According to the National Narcotics Agency of Indonesia, about 33 people in Indonesia die every single day due to drug abuse. Drugs ruin not only your own physical and mental health, but also of those surrounding you. I have seen with my own eyes what drugs can do to a human being. It has crushed the lives of many of my friends. This is why running an Anti-Drug campaign has always been important to me. I am hoping that my drug-awareness campaigns, seminars and public speaking competition under Speak Up Indonesia will raise the nation’s awareness and fight these issues.
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We, Pemuda Indonesia Bersinar (PIONIR Indonesia) had the privilege to hold a Youth Anti-Drug declaration in front of the largest crowd in Indonesia of 1 million attendees. As a result, we received an Indonesian World Record for "Holding a Declaration with the Largest Crowd of 1 Million People".

Youth Pledge Event

As our next step in our fight against drugs, we, Pemuda Indonesia Bersinar (PIONIR Indonesia), were honored to host this youth event themed “INDONESIA IS FREE FROM DRUGS”, in collaboration with the Indonesian Narcotics Agency (BNN), GMDM and Nawa Cita Indonesia. This rally is also held in commemoration of Indonesia's Youth Pledge Day.

PEMUDA Indonesia BersiNAR (PIONIR INDONESIA) Receives An Indonesian World Record

On the 29th of October, 2017, my organization, Pemuda Indonesia Bersinar (PIONIR Indonesia) was awarded an Indonesian World Record for "Attaching the Most Anti-drug Stickers on Public Transportations." We handed out and attached a total of 10,000 stickers.

Ambassador of the Indonesian National Narcotics Agency

On April 2017, I was appointed by the Chairman of BAKORNAS GMDM - an organization under the Indonesian National Narcotics Agency - as their Ambassador, tasked with promoting awareness of drugs among several national schools in Indonesia, in order to prevent drug abuse amongst students.

Since then, I have personally visited over 50 schools, orphanages and slum areas in Java and Kalimantan to further advocate against drug usage and create drug awareness.

Online Public Speaking Competition

The Speak Up Indonesia online public speaking competition I founded was intended to raise awareness of the dangers of drugs, with the emphasis of drug prevention. On top of that, we aimed to orbit and sharpen the public speaking potentials of our future generation. 

In 4 months, the competition had over 350 applicants, with the winners receiving cash prize.